Download TextNow Premium Apk For Free [100% working]

If you are modern person you can use the normal application.

The TextNow Premium Apk is one the new and trending application for the messaging and calling purposes.

In this article we will discuss about the interesting features about this application for the android software.

Textnow premium Apk

Textnow premium Apk

Security and privacy become more important among the peoples. The TextNow Premium Apk is known for the advanced security and the cheapest international calling rates. It also helps you to buy UK and Canadian mobiles in affordable prices. Besides this, you can also make calling and messages through these numbers in any country in the world on the primary calling rates.

It is one of the advanced messaging and calling application and you can hide your private numbers and you can make a call anyone in the world with the virtual number.

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How to install the TextNow Premium Apk for android mobiles?

The steps to install the TextNow Premium Apk for the android mobiles are given by,

  • First you will go the play store and search for the application in the search box.
  • After that you will be redirected to the download page link.
  • Now the application will be displayed on the screen. You will click on the start download button as shown in the below figure. The download will take place in few seconds.


  • After the downloading of the application you can open the file manager and open your downloaded application. If you are installing the application for the first time from the file manger they will ask you for some permission.
  • You can allow all the permissions by clicking the setting option on the android mobile.
  • After all permission is allowed you can click the back button and again you can try to install the application. This time it will be installed without any error.

The download steps of this application are more simple and easy.

File NameTextNow Premium Apk
Size40 Mb
Required Android4.1 and up
DeveloperTextNow, Inc.

What are the features of the TextNow premium APK?

The important features of the TextNow Premium Apk are given by,

  • Premium unlocked

There are lots of premium features are available in this application. The premium features are unlimited calling and texting, ad free experience, messages synchronization and many other are available in the membership of the premium members of textnow. If you want to use the premium you have to pay the real money.

  • Ad free experience

In the normal app of the textnow there are many advertisements are popping in the screen while using this application it will reduce the speed of the application and accumulate more data. So premium app is used to get rid of the advertisement and increase the speed of the application.

  • Unlimited text messages and calling

This is one of the main features of the TextNow Premium Apk which allows you to make the unlimited calls and text messages to any number in the Canada and United States without paying a single penny. You can also send unlimited text messages and send unlimited picture messages.

  • Free credits

You will need credit to make the calls to the US and Canada but this application will give you free credits to make unlimited calls and unlimited messages to the US and Canada.

  • Google smart lock and Passcode

One of the most helpful feature in this application is the smart lock. It will remember the password of the users on the different websites and it will quickly suggest you when you are trying to log in.

Some more features of the Textnow premium Apk:

  • Free caller ID
  • Video messaging
  • Full picture messaging
  • Conference call
  • Personalized signature

These are the some of the additional features of this application on android.

What are the highlights of the Textnow premium Apk?

The highlights of the TextNow Premium Apk are given by,

  • You can make and receive voice calls from the US and Canada as free
  • You can earn free credits for calls by completing a partnership transaction
  • You can also use other text for free and unlimited voice calls on incoming calls
  • You can send the full-screen message like send pictures, receive and save the picture on your android phones.
  • There is a special options for the voicemail and call forwarding
  • Emoticons is the unique option in this application
  • Signature: You can add your own signature to each lesson
  • Special functions are optimize text tone, ring tones, and vibrate
  • You can also customizable background of the application
  • You can assign your own ringtones and background to different contacts in your android phones
  • You can give the quick answers, and  easy answers to your friends without any distortion
  • To start the TextNow Home Screen widget, you can write a new message or call it quickly
  • Integrated Inbox: You can send and receive your text directly through the TextNow and you can use textNow as your SMS application from the same source.
  • Real SMS and Calls: The text and calls to any phone this application will accepts all SMS text messages and calls.
  • – You can also synchronize all messages to your mobile devices and also in your personal computers.

These are the important highlight of this application.

What are the special characteristics of the Textnow premium apk?

The special characteristics of the TextNow Premium Apk for android are given by,

  • You can make unlimited calls and unlimited messages to the US and Canada.
  • You can also send unlimited text and picture messages.
  • You can call and text without wifi for free

  • They will offers you cheap international calling

  • Make and receive the calls. You can send full picture messages to your friends

How to use the textnow premium apk?

You can use the TextNow Premium Apk very easily on your android phones. You can first click and open the application and you can tap the dial pad icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

From here you can make the unlimited phone calls to your friends.

What are the best Five VPN for the TextNow application for android?

  • ExpressVPN: It is one of the best VPN for the Textnow application for your android devices. This VPN gives more protection against your personal data and other information.
  • NordVPN: It is one of the favorite versions of the VPN. You can simply connect to the UK server you can enjoy your unlimited phone calls and messages.
  • PIA: you can connect this VPN from any area in the world and you can enjoy the benefits of the VPN. It has the 24/7 customer services are available.
  • CyberGhost: It is easy to connect and it will fulfill your needs. The important features of this VPN are it will access the other content.
  • IPVanish: You can connect this VPN from different regions. It will protect your online information and this VPN is open and free.

These are the five VPN for the TextNow Premium Apk.

Final words:

From the above discussion, you will get a clear idea about the application for unlimited calling and messages. This high-tech application will provide you the cheapest international unlimited calls.

So you can download it right now and you can enjoy instant international calling and messaging at the cheapest cost.

Public Review

Review By - Kortlen Sullivan
I love a lot of things about this app! One being it’s free another being that you can access your conversations online! I often times get my phone taken away, and when that happens I’m still able to text my friends if I just hop onto the computer! Of course there are a lot of ads but that’s how they make it free! I am trying to think of more critical things but I really can’t… They did a good job with this app!!

Review By - Amy Page
Wayyy better and cheaper than all the other text apps I’ve downloaded. I’ve downloaded a lot too. And deleted them. I couldn’t even find another you didn’t have to pay or add card. The best available. The easiest to get number and text. I use for phone when I don’t have service and on extra phone.

Download TextNow Premium Apk For Free [100% working]

The TextNow Premium Apk is one the new and trending application for the messaging and calling purposes. Download Textnow Premium Apk Latest Version.

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Operating System: Android

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