Facetime For PC [2021 Updated]

Facetime For PC [2021 Updated]

Are you a big fan of this facetime app? You have been using it on your MacBook and iPhone. Now, you may also get this application on your pc. But, following some tricks is essential while downloading and installing Facetime for pc.

Facetime For PC

Facetime is the most outstanding application from Apple. The app is meant for audio and video calling. Handsets and traditional phones were once used by people to stay in connection.

To make a revolution in this trend, Facetime for pc has emerged up for the sake of people who want to make texts, phone calls, and video calls with many conveniences.

Significance of Facetime for pc

The reason why Facetime for pc becomes popular these days is that it reduces the virtual distance among people who feel easy to get in touch with their both personal and business lives. At first, the application was only developed for Mac and iOS devices. However, now, it is also available for windows because of its popularity.

The app justifies its value with the provision of consistent and super-quality audio and visual outcomes. So, it becomes the coolest video calling app you have found on videotelephony. It rules out all other competitors including Skype, IMO, Google Duo, Whatsapp, and Bingo.

A user-friendly interface is yet another competitive feature, which the app offers for you. Image qualities are very sharper and HD visuals are really a charm to replace all other choices available in the market.

Features of Facetime For PC

  • The user-friendly interface makes users more interactive
  • Visual is fully high definition, which is the essential component of this application
  • Boundless usage means that you can able to connect at any time from anywhere
  • Organizing your contact list is also easy
  • Reach your favorite contact lists in a single click
  • Stay in connection without any cost
  • Connect with multiple users at a time using a group video calling feature
  • Application is also suitable for texting
  • Blocking or hiding unwanted or spammer users is also possible
  • Connect various devices including PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and windows

What do you need before installing Facetime for pc?

  • Users have to know the basic necessities before they try to install the app on their windows. The basic requirements of Facetime for pc include:
  • Make sure your windows version will be minimally XP. To enjoy a better experience, you are suggested to have the latest versions.
  • 2 GB or above is enough for the RAM
  • More than 1GHz is required for the CPU speed

  • For video calling, a sufficient built-in camera is essential. Otherwise, you have to buy a portable camera that supports your purpose
  • You should possess a microphone for audio-calling purposes. Headphones are recommended for privacy-concerned people. The headphones should have built-in microphones
  • Having a decent internet connection is recommended all the time

Step by step procedure to download & install Facetime for pc

For Mac and IOS users, application in APK format is directly available on the official site. Unfortunately for windows, installation of Facetime for pc is possible only through third-party programs.

Third-party developers have released android emulators like Bluestacks to install any app in a different format and these programs let you run the facetime app on your windows in APK format. Simply follow the instructions if you have Bluestacks already installed in your system. In the case of newbie, download Bluestacks from the homepage,

It is totally legal to follow the procedure and software so that you can relax and proceed with the instructions without any worries

  • As the file size is quite large of 469 MB, it takes time for downloading
  • Restart your windows after their download and installation
  • Search for Bluestacks application in the start menu and open it. The program offers some default apps, which take time to set off and synchronize
  • You should not make any interruption while the initiation process is going on
  • If the program gets started, select the play store app from the given menu
  • Find Facetime for pc in the search option of the play store
  • Download the app and then, press the “Run” button to install the application. Just keep the download file in your system if you need it for future use
  • Follow the procedure if you are ready for app installation
  • You may prompt for confirmation or admin password or rights at the time of installation. So, please provide the required information or password
  • Now, the facetime app is ready for windows usage
  • Have your individual ID and password that you can be used to login in the upcoming days

Friendly interface of Facetime for pc

If you are going to run Facetime for pc for the very first time, you need to submit the password and user ID, which you had created previously. The main interface gets displayed after completing the initial ID creation process.

The purpose of the main interface is to control the addition of contacts, hidden and block numbers. You can customize these features based on your requirements. Play the display settings as similar to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. Though you cannot able to rotate the screen, making some changes is feasible with the given options.

How to utilize Facetime for pc

This simple intuitive tool is developed to offer an excellent experience to the users, making it fun and hassle-free. Within a single click, you can easily make both audio and video calls using your pc. Not just audio and video calls, Facetime for pc would also support text options with the help of audio messages and stickers.

  • After installation, create a shortcut of the facetime app on Homescreen. Now, launch the app using your phone number and email id, which can be further utilized as your contact
  • Find out the person’s name you want to connect with. The list will appear in the left navigation panel
  • Select the email or phone number you want to make a call when you get multiple choices. A person’s email id is significant for making a call through the facetime app
  • Let the facetime dial-up session connect to the end-user
  • As soon as the end-user will accept your call, you are now ready to begin the conversation with the individual available on another side
  • Once you finished your conversation, just press the End call button as you would with other usual calls


Due to globalization, worldwide people avail of more advancements and exposures. Facetime for pc is not just about getting a mug of beer and sharing it live with your family and friends. Instead, it massively helps the global market to get connected with all others. To cater to user’s expectations and to get better outcomes, Apple is also constantly striving to release the latest version of facetime.

If you have a personal computer that fulfills the essential requirements, you should definitely try this application once in your life and stay in touch with your loved ones. In recent days, the performance of this app is found to be good with the PC version and even, some improvements are taken place in order to make perfect compatibility.

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