Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]
Name Kinemaster Chroma Key
Publisher Kinemaster Corporation
Version V6.1.4
Size 80 MB
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Updated August 28, 2022
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Do you want to remove that distracting background in your video?

Kinemaster Chroma Key is the answer.

We have seen apps that let you remove backgrounds before, but the Kinemaster Chroma key takes it to a new level. Not only does this app support more video formats than any other similar app, but its green screen feature is really easy to use!

You don’t need any complex lighting or special equipment at all – point your camera so there’s plenty of light on both sides, and you’re good to go! The results are amazing, too: they look very professional because the algorithm doesn’t leave shadows behind as most chromakey filters do.

This Kinemaster Chroma Key tutorial will show you how to use Kinemaster’s chroma key feature. This feature allows you to replace the background of your video with any color of your choice, making it easier for you to create awesome green screen videos.

Kinemaster Chroma key

Most new smartphones now have 1080p or 4K video recording. But our phones are not just video cameras, they are full-fledged production studios. All you need is a good video editor. In this post, I will tell you in detail about the Kinemaster Chroma Key, which is well suited for you.

Chroma key is one of those features that has attracted a lot of Kinemaster Pro Apk users, and in this article, we will essentially provide Kinemaster’s chroma key APK setup. This chroma key tool lets you edit the video the most effectively. If you’re not using it, I’ll provide you here the download link of the Kinemaster pro mod apk also.

However, there is a catch: KineMaster will cost you money. The free version applies a watermark to everything you do. It requires a monthly or yearly subscription to remove it and unlock additional features.

Keeping in mind that our visitors do not have to spend money to use the Kinemaster chroma key, we will provide a download link to the Modded version of the Kinemaster chroma key, which unlocks all Premium features. You can use all the premium features of the Kinemaster Chroma key Application for free.

Kinemaster Chroma key
Kinemaster Chroma key

About Kinemaster Chroma key

Kinemaster Chroma Key is an Android-based video editing software with Chroma Key Green Screen and without Watermark. KineMaster chroma key is a lite Kinemaster variant with a Chroma key that allows you to edit images and videos with a green screen.

This Chroma key gives you the ability to apply realistic VFX effects to your photographs and videos. Kinemaster chroma key is the best addon to use with the Kinemaster app. To add the addon to the Editor App, the Kinemaster Chroma App must be installed alongside the original Kinemaster App.

How to Install Kinemaster with a Chroma Key?

Uninstall any other installed version of the Kinemaster App. Install Kinemaster’s latest version and install the Kinemaster chroma key from the link below and enjoy the Mod and Chroma key for free.

What is Chroma Key?

Kinemaster Chroma Key is Kinemaster’s background replacement technology. It works by analyzing the pixels of a video and removing those which match any color you choose.

This feature can be used with KineMaster Pro APK, KineMaster Video Editor’s free version, and KineMaster Lite which allows for editing videos using chroma key filter only. To use this function in Kinemaster, make sure your device has at least Android Lollipop installed on it – older versions won’t support chromakey removal or green screen filters.

How To Enable Chroma Key In Kinemaster?

  • You need a video of a green screen. You can make this yourself, or you can go to Google and find the video of a green screen.
  • Select an image or video from your gallery. Tap on the layer to bring up a menu allowing you to import green screen footage.
  • Click on the Chroma Key option to access the Chroma Key interface. It will insert any video clip green screen background from your library automatically.
  • After that, you can use KineMaster to add special effects, text, and stickers. You may also remove the picture and replace it with another one using KineMaster.
  • After completing editing, you can export your video.

Why Is Green Screen Used For Background Removal?

Green screens are used for background removal, as they can be easily cut out from a video clip and replaced with another image or video without creating any shadows behind it. The chroma key colors also vary depending on the light source. If you use KineMaster to edit your videos in low-light conditions, objects will appear blueish instead of greenish. Kinemaster automatically adjusts this color shift, so everything looks perfect!

enable chroma key In kinemaster

How to use the chroma key in Kinemaster without a green screen?

If you still think the Kinemaster Chroma key is not a good option for your needs, KineMaster Pro APK offers another way of implementing background removal.

In Kinemaster, this mode is called Mask – it works by masking the areas that need to be removed from videos and letting them resemble what’s behind them in real life.

To use this function, make sure you have an image with similar colors at its edges as those of the video clip where you want to apply a chroma key filter or green-screen effect.


We hope that the Kinemaster Chroma Key tutorial helped you understand using Kinemaster’s green screen feature. KineMaster is a powerful video editing app with many great features and tools, so go ahead if you still haven’t tried it out.

Kinemaster Chroma key V6.1.4 [Green Screen, NO Ads, Unlock]

Kinemaster Chroma key, If you want to remove Your green screen video background then with kinemaster chroma key you remove video background in just one click.

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