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Having an app for professional video editing on hand has become a must today. Although there are many video editing apps that you can find in the Google Play Store, Kinemaster Mod Apk stands out among all the others because it offers you many more options than any other.

KineMaster is an app available for free download. However, you will need to pay a monthly subscription to access all of your options. Additionally, your videos will have the KineMaster watermark in the free version.

Today, we are going to talk about the KineMaster Mod Apk in this post, and you will be able to take advantage of all the premium features of KineMaster.  Download link of Kinemaster Mod Apk will also be provided here, with which you will be able to download kinemaster Mod Apk for free and will be able to edit videos without watermark and will be able to access all its options.

Kinemaster Mod Apk

KineMaster Mod Apk is a complete video editor with many customization possibilities, contrast, filters, brightness, saturation, transitions, titles, themes, etc. that can be handled in a relatively simple way and with excellent results.

Kine Master has been designed to be compatible with multiple audio, video, and image formats along with text effects and many animation extras. This software also has a wide range of tools with which you can edit videos until you get the result you want.

FilenameKinemaster Pro Apk
File Size89 MB

Kinemaster Pro Apk

One of the best features of KineMaster Pro Apk is that it supports frame-by-frame editing. That is: the app allows users to work with each video frame to achieve the most excellent precision when editing them and the highest possible perfection in the transition from one scene to another.

You can also create multi-layered videos that include different features without compromising the quality of the developments.

In addition to this, Kine Master has several basic and advanced tools for video editing, including those that allow you to change the brightness, tone, and other characteristics of a video to make it more consistent with the general settings or the environment.

Benefits of KineMaster

  • Videos edited with Kine Master can be shared directly on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, saving you time and increasing your reach.
  • Kine Master allows recording in real-time, so you don’t have to finish the entire video before adding additional features; for example, multiple audio tracks for different video segments
  • The app is designed to work as a mobile video editor, as well as to be used from a computer. For this reason, its interface is straightforward and easy to use. Also, you won’t need to turn on your PC when you want to make changes to your videos.
  • KineMaster is a free download app. Also, in the free version, your videos will have the KineMaster watermark. However, to access all your options, you need to download KineMaster Mod Apk.

Critical features of KineMaster Mod APK

  • Subscription Unlocked
  • Multi-layer videos, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text and handwriting
  • No watermark
  • Download more special effects, royalty-free music, overlays, stickers, etc.
  • Precise frame-by-frame trimming
  • Instant preview of all edits
  • Hue, brightness and saturation controls
  • Audio filters, including voice changers
  • Blur, mosaic and other effects
  • Extensive animation style
  • Speed control of video clips

Download Kinemaster Mod Apk

Kinemaster Mod Apk
FilenameKinemaster Pro Apk
File Size78 MB
Android Requests5.0 & Up
Total installs100M+
ModFree Features 
OwnerKineMaster Corporation

How To Download & Install Kinemaster Mod Apk

To download kinemaster Mod Apk, you have to click on the link given below. Since this is a Premium Version Application, you will not find it on the Play Store. Follow the steps given below to install kinemaster mod APK on your mobile.

  • Download KineMaster Pro APK from the link given above.
  • Go to the download section of your browser and click on that app.
  • Now go to your mobile settings and click on Unknown Source.
  • Then come back from Settings and click on Install.
  • You have successfully installed KineMaster Mod APK.

Full Features Of Kinemaster Mod Apk

As I mentioned above, there are too many features in the premium version of KineMaster Video Editor, and not everyone can afford to buy it. This is why we have equipped you with the Kinemaster Pro video editor’s modded version. I listed all of its pro features below.

  • Chroma Key

This is one of KineMaster’s best features because the Chroma key as a tool gives you a lot of video intent. The Chroma key is used to change your video’s background as a background green screen, which can change anything in the environment.

This is an outstanding feature since you will render your video spectacular by utilizing it. Before being a Chrome-like app, it was a part of essential Computer applications, however by putting this function inside, Kinemaster Pro had left everybody behind.

Many people use the green screen effect to alter the background while editing video. To professionalize your video, you can use the Chroma Key in Kinemaster Pro. It is user friendly and straightforward to use.

  • Transitions Effects

You may have seen a lot of videos that use a specific type of effect between video slides. That type of effect is called the transition effects. It can be used in Kinemaster Pro with ease.

Film transition is a technique used in post-production film editing and video editing, combining scenes or shots. Most films also include selective use of other transition effects, particularly when transmitting a tone or mood, suggesting the passage of time, or combining various parts of a story.

It provides a variety of wipe, fades, decomposes, and more effects. This all happens with a simple button on your Android smartphone

  • Animations

It’s yet another significant benefit when editing your video. Kinemaster Pro lets you get a huge number of animations from your editing app throughout your job. You can add various available scenes or even download special effects from outside sources.

  • Multi-Track Audio

KineMaster takes you into the studio’s mixing room. It allowed you to add eight or more audio tracks and play them at the same time. It is used when editing a rap album or a music video together.

  • Addition of Multiple Layers

KineMaster supports unlimited text, image, handwriting, and overlay layers, as well as up to ten video layers. You can adjust the layer position, timing, and animate layers using preset animation effects or keyframe animation.

  • Voice Recording

KineMaster lets you preview the audio recording of your project, making it easy to add voice-over tracks to any video. This is an outstanding feature when you are making a commentary video or a motivational video. Your video will start to function the way you like, and your voice over will still be sorted.

FAQs related to KineMaster Mod APK

Is KineMaster free to use?

Kinemaster is a free, subscription-based, iOS, and Android video editing app that is available. The interface on both devices is similar

Can KineMaster MOD Apk harm your phone?

Installing apps from unknown sources or installing mod APK is beautiful unless your phone is rooted in them. Just make sure you know what you are downloading and what access to the enabled program you are getting. Without our knowledge, Apps will not steal our data

Can I use KineMaster on my laptop?

This app is not only restricted to laptops and PCs. These can also be used on cell phones for photo and audio processing purposes. Both amateurs and professionals can use this app or software to create stunning videos with many effects.

Can I edit videos in 4K?

Yes, you can edit videos in 4K without any issue, but make sure that your phone also supports 4K

What is the advantage of Pro Apk?

You will get extra and more advanced features as compared to free apk

Which is the Latest Version of KineMaster Pro APK?

v4.13 is currently the latest version – Download (v4.13)


Here I described KineMaster’s essential features and how to use it. Many apps such as chroma key, video & picture layers, speed up video, cut and break videos, and many more advanced video editing tools have been provided to you in this app.

I assume you’ve successfully installed the Kinemaster Mod APK on your mobile phone, and you’ll get the answers to all KineMaster-related questions after reading this post.

Let me know if you have some issue with the kinemaster mod apk pro update or require some other premium apk for free in the comment section below.

I hope you liked this post, and that you got the things you needed to be. Could you share this post with your mates and social media to reach out to more people and give us the right vibrations to get more things for free?

Public Review

Review By - Isabelleplayz Games
I really liked how this app worked as it was easy to learn how to do certain things though sometimes it had problems which bugged me a little like not letting me watch a video exceeding 30 seconds but that only happened for a while after that, it was fine. I totally recommend this app to anyone but just maybe try to be patient with its tools and stuff.
Review By - The Kiddie Corner
I am really enjoying this app. For now it fits all of my needs perfectly as a new content creator. Not only is it easy to use it also has all the features i currently need to edit my animated videos. However, I need to upgrade so I can get rid of the watermark but it won’t allow me to. I really need help with that.
[Watermark Removed]» KineMaster Mod Apk [Mod v4.13 Download]

[100% FREE Watermark] kinemaster mod apk 2020 v4.13+GP, kinemaster is fully featured video editing software. [Chroma Key, Premium Effects, Animation, Etc]

Price: 00

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Video Editor

Editor's Rating:
[Watermark Removed]» KineMaster Mod Apk [Mod v4.13 Download]

[100% FREE Watermark] kinemaster mod apk 2020 v4.13+GP, kinemaster is fully featured video editing software. [Chroma Key, Premium Effects, Animation, Etc]

Price: 00

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Video Editor

Editor's Rating:

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