Universal Extractor Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8

Universal Extractor Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8

Universal Extractor is a program do to exactly what it says: extract files from any type of archive, whether it’s a simple zip file, an installation program (like Wise or NSIS), or even a Windows Installer (.msi) package.

This application is not intended to be a general-purpose archiving program. It will never replace WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc. What it will do is allow you to extract files from virtually any type of archive, regardless of source, compression method, etc. The original motivation behind this project was to create an easy, convenient way to extract files from installation packages, such as Inno Setup or Windows Installer packages, without pulling up a command line every time.

Universal Extractor

We send and receive different files and one of the best way to do it is to create archives to reduce the file size and to send just one file instead of multiple ones. This software is designed to open or extract files from archives created with popular programs like WinRAR, WinZip, 7 ZIP and others.

The program cannot create new archives, but will open almost any extension. It is designed to be simple and direct, without plugins or command-line options..

It offers different options as context menu in the right click menu. You can select the folder destination, as well to delete the duplicate files. Besides from decompressing common archives, the tool can open and get the files from self-executable EXE files.

Universal Extractor is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It is in compression category and is available to all software users as a free download.

Download Universal Extractor

File NameUniversal Extractor 1.6.1 for Windows
Size5.56 MB
DeveloperJared Breland
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 98

Supported Formats

As of v1.5, UniExtract uses TrID to determine the filetype of any given file.  If this detection fails, file extensions are used as a backup identifier.  The table below is a reference of known-supported filetypes and common extensions; any supported archive types should work regardless of actual extension.

Archive TypeCommon File Extension(s)
7-zip archive.7z, .exe
ACE archive.ace, .exe
ARC archive.arc
ARJ archive.arj, .exe
ASpack compressed file.exe
BIN/CUE CD-ROM image.bin, .cue
bzip2 archive.bz2, .tbz2, .tar.bz2
CPIO compressed file.cpio
Debian package.deb
DiscJuggler CD-ROM image.cdi
Encoded files.b64, .uu, .uue, .xx,
.xxe, .yenc, .ntx
Gentee package.exe
gzip archive.gz, .tgz, .tar.gz
IMG floppy disk image.img
Inno Setup package.exe
Installer VISE package.exe
InstallShield Cabinet archive.cab, .1, .lib
InstallShield package.exe
ISO 9660 CD-ROM image.iso
KGB archive.kgb, kge, .exe
LZH compressed file.lzh, .lha
LZMA compressed file.lzma
LZO compressed file.lzo
LZW compressed file.Z, .tz, .tar.Z
LZX compressed file.lzx
MHTML file.mht
Microsoft Cabinet archive.cab, .exe, .imf
Microsoft Compiled Help file.chm
Microsoft compressed file.??_
Microsoft LIT e-book.lit
Microsoft Windows Help file.hlp
HTC NBH ROM image.nbh
Nero CD-ROM images.nrg
NSIS package.exe
Oasis Document Format (ODF) document.odt, .odp, .odg, .ods
Office Open XML (OOXML) document.docx, .pptx, .xlsx
Outlook Express mail archive.dbx
PEA archive.pea
RAR archive.rar, .001, .exe
Reflexive Arcade package.exe
RoboForm package.exe
RPM package.rpm
SetupFactory package.exe
SIS (SymbianOS) packages.sis
StuffIt packages.sit
TAR archive.tar, .tbz2, .tgz, .txz, .tz,
.tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .tar.xz, .tar.Z
UHARC archive.uha
UPX compressed file.exe, .dll
Windows Imaging Format image.wim
Windows Installer merge module.msm
Windows Installer package.msi
Windows Installer patch.msp
Windows Update Standalone patch.msu
Wise Installer package.exe
XZ compressed file.xz, .txz, .tar.xz
ZIP archive.zip, .jar, .xpi, .wz, .exe
Zoo archive.zoo

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