Download Worldbox For PC For Free Latest Version [2021 Updated]

WorldBox For PC

 The worldbox For PC is one of the free god and simulation sandbox games. In this game you will create the life and watch it.

You can build your own world and you can fill it by life. You can also create the different kinds of creatures like sheep, wolves, orcs, humans, dragons and dwarves. In this article we will discuss about the WorldBox For PC.

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What are the key features of the WorldBox For PC?

  • You can play this game on online and also play on offline
  • You can create a own new world in the game
  • You can spawn animals
  • You can create the various creatures
  • You can also build roads and buildings as your wish in the game
  • You should be simulate disasters and destructions
  • You can unlocked the premium features
  • You can unlocked the In-game items in the game

These are the important key features of the WorldBox For PC.

What do you think about this game?

The overall reviews of the game are positive. Some of the characteristics of the games which is highlighted by the user are given by,

  • It is one of the best entertaining game for the game lovers
  • It has greater variety of weapons
  • It also have the mythical creatures in the game
  • It consists of bigger map
  • It will raid the civilizations.

How to install the worldbox game for your personal computer?

There are two ways to install the WorldBox For PC. The steps of the two ways are given by,

  1. Using Bluestacks:

  • First you can download the bluestack software for your personal computer. After the download process you can install it on your PC.
  • After the installation process you can open the bluestack emulator.
  • Once you open the bluestack software you will see the home page is displayed on the screen.
  • On the home page of the bluestack you can search for the Google play and then you can double click on the icon to open it.
  • Now you can search the worldbox simulator games for your personal computer.
  • Finally you can click on the install button the game will be downloading and install automatically on the bluestack software.
  • Open the game and you can start playing on your personal computer.
  1. Using Memuplay:

  • You can download and install the Memuplay application on your personal computer.
  • Once the Memuplay is open you can find the store option icon on the home page of the memuplay application. You give the double click on the icon to open it.
  • Now you can search the worldbox simulator game in the search box. You can find the official game and then click on the install button.
  • After the installation process you can find the worldbox simulator game on the homepage of the memuplay.
  • Now you can open the game and start playing.

What are the new on The new version of the worldbox game for personal computer?

The new features of the WorldBox For PC are given by,

  • There is some new hot fixes
  • They will added pickaxe power to remove resources in the game
  • They also added chickens, cats, rabbits, and more sounds
  • They will be added limit to sheep and animals per island
  • They added animation for trees falling down after they are being chopped down
  • They added ARM64 support, and  made apk size smaller
  • carnivores will attack animals only when they are hungry only
  • They will added the improved animals in the game
  • They will provide the improved fights
  • The citizens will bring resources to near building now
  • Now the nomads won’t join overpopulated villages anymore
  • zombies are in the games are more stronger now
  • New fixes are added in the game.

APK NameWorldBox Simulator For PC
APK Size 15.5 MB
Current Versionv2v0.6.1
Installs5 M+
Requires android4.1 and up
DeveloperMaXem Carpinko

What are the features of the worldbox simulator game for the personal computer?

The key features of the WorldBox For PC are given by,

  • It will allows you to build the civilizations
  • It will allows you to different phenomena
  • This game will enables you to craft a pixel world.
  • It will give a room to you for the experiment

What are the animals, creatures and monsters in the worldbox simulator game?

The types of animals, creatures and monsters in the WorldBox For PC are given by,


  • Sheep is the peaceful creatures and it likes to nibble the grass
  • Rabbit is the smallest animal with huge ears and wolf is the dangerous predator in the game and it will take the meat for the meal.
  • Piranha is the predatory fish which is swimming and killing
  • Chicken is the common animal in the game and Cat is the cute little carnivore in the game
  • Bear is the large animal and hairy carnivore
  • Worms are crawls underground and it is also messes up the landscapes.

Humanoid creatures:

  • Cold ones is the ancient creatures who bring the cold to the land
  • Bandits are the dangerous boy he likes to play with the TNT and fire.
  • Demon hellish creature. It is red and hot
  • Zombie is the undead creatures in the game


  • Sand spiders which create the sands and then dies
  • God finger is the multiplayer simulator and dragon is the scary flying lizards which brings the destruction to your world.


  • Blue ants: It will converts matter into the sand and ocean pixels
  • Black ants: It will create the mountain and sands
  • Green ants: It will create the soil from everything
  • Red ants: It will create the square like patterns.

What are the powers, civilization, resources and diplomacy in the worldbox game for PC?

The Worldbox For PC simulator games powers are given by,

  • Human are the basic humans and orcs is green and brutish creatures which is not like a human.
  • Elves like the tree and don’t like the orcs
  • Dwarves like the mountains and village info you can select the village info for the information of the village.
  • Friendship which forcing the kingdoms to make peace
  • Spite is forcing the kingdom to start a war
  • Relations and inspiration
  • Village name will display the population and name of all villages
  • Borders will represent the border of the village in the game


All humanoid creatures in the game able to construct the civilizations and the size of the development is depending upon the rooms and resources are available in the game.


The resources are the one of the fundamental part in the development of the villages which is depending upon the location and resources. The humanoids are able to collect the resources, mine and farm from the outside border of the village. The resources are chopping down the trees, mine stones, ores, planting crop, tilling the soil and more.


The kingdoms in the game have the different relationships with each other this will leads to the wars and rebellion. They can see with the different relation and information of the kingdom.

  • Wars
  • Rebellions
  • Relationships

Final words:

WorldBox For PC

You can play the WorldBox For PC for your entertainment. In this article we will explain about the game clearly. Before start playing of game you will know the installation process, features and creature of the game.

Make your entertainment as more excitement and more thrilling with the WorldBox simulator game!!

Public Review

Service title
Very good game, but I have a suggestion, it’s very stressful for me when I try to create a kingdom in a specific place but the people go away to another. So I think there should be more options to edit kingdoms and people because the options of see people and kingdoms characteristics are normally not useful for nothing.

Service title
This game is amazing. Its provided me so much fun over the months. I love the simple graphics, I bought the premium and didn’t regret it. I have a set world that I always played on. It seems pretty repeated, and I don’t disagree, but it’s repeated in a good way. I love all the features, some of my favorites are the grey goo, diplomacy, all the explosives, and crabzilla. Very fun game, can’t wait to see what the devs release later!

Download Worldbox For PC For Free Latest Version [2021 Updated]

 The worldbox is one of the free god and simulation sandbox games. In this game you will create the life and watch it. Download Worldbox For PC For Free .

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