Download Free Wyze Cam App For PC [2021 Updated]

 Wyze Cam App For PC

The Wyze Cam App For PC application is one of the homes for all your wyze devices. You can use this application in your personal computer for surveillance purposes.

In this article we will discuss about the Wyze Cam App For PC steps to installation of the application to your personal computer, features, characteristic, working and advantages.

What is meant by Wyze Cam App For PC?

 Wyze Cam App For PC The wyze cam app is one of the popular choices among the peoples in the world. The main purpose of this application is surveillance.

Most of the peoples are in the world are want safe and secure their home. So they are interested to fix the camera to their house.

The reasons for the choosing the Wyze Cam App For PC are high resolution images, crystal clear live stream with zoom option, sharp night vision, motion detection, smart sound recognition, two way audio and the catch.

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How to install the Wyze Cam App For PC for your personal computer?

The steps to install the Wyze Cam App For PC are given by, There are two ways to install the wyze app to your personal computer. They are given by,

  1. Using Bluestacks:

  • First you can download the bluestacks from the official website link. You can simply click on the download button which is displayed on the screen.
  • You can open the file manager and click the bluestack app to install. Now you can make double click to install the application on your personal computer.
  • You will see the emulator is installed in the screen you can follow the guide step by step for the proper installation.
  • Once the download will finish you can open the bluestack emulator.
  • Now you have to give your Google account username and password on the required box and you can click the log in option.
  • Now you will open the play store application on your PC.
  • You can see the multiple app on the screen. You will search for the wyze camera app on the screen.
  • From the result you will find the wyze camera app now you can download and install the application in your personal computer.
  1. Using NOX android emulator:
  • First you can download the NOX android emulator application
  • After the completion of download you have to install the NOX emulator by double clicking on the icon.
  • The emulator will open on the screen.
  • You can set your Google account to open the emulator
  • Now you will see the emulator interface on the screen. You can click on the play store app.
  • You can search the wyze camera app in the search box and find the required result.
  • Finally you can down the wyze cam app from the download page and you can install in your personal computer.

These are two methods to install the wyze camera app to your personal computer.

APK NameWyze Cam App For PC
APK Size68 MB
Current Versionv2.16.55
Installs5 M+
Requires android4.1 and up

How to watch the streaming of the Wyze Cam App For PC in your personal computer?

After the installation process you have to watch the stream on the Wyze Cam APP For PC by the below steps. It is one of the most popular smart home cameras you can easily connect to your personal computer.

  • You have to allow your wyze cam to stream the content for that you have to run the real time streaming protocol on your personal computer. You can do it by open setting and selecting advanced setting and then RTSP.
  • Next you can type your username and password and then click on generate the URL.

  • Now you have a URL you can stream the video in any devices. The best way to stream the video in the PC is VLC player. You can download it from the app store. You can enable the streaming below given step.
  • First you can open the VLC player
  • You can select the wanted media
  • Now you can select the open network stream
  • You can paste the URL which was already created by you
  • Finally you can click on play to start streaming option.

If you are done the process correctly you personal computer will start the streaming immediately.

What are the benefits of using the Wyze Cam App For PC?

The benefits of using the Wyze App For PC are given by,

  • You can view the footage of your houses and other places from the camera in 1080p HD video resolution.
  • You can also use the sensors in the camera with 2.8mm focal length and 110-degree angle
  • The application is designed to deliver quality footage which you can access from any place in your house.
  • The application also has excellent capabilities such as zooming so you can easily extract the most beautiful details in the video footage of your house. You can zoom up to 8x of the images and videos by using this application.
  • The application has a night vision mode which allows the camera to capture footage in night vision accurately and clearly.
  • It also designed with the smart sound recognition
  • The application also features two-way communication
  • The application will notify you for any suspicious activities in and around your place and give you the alertness about harmful activities.


What are the reasons to download Wyze App for PC and Mac/Windows?

  • It has the capability of the high-resolution imaging
  • It has the crystal clear live stream with great zooming capabilities
  • It will works well even with the night vision
  • It will capture the motion detection
  • This application has the smart sound recognition
  • It has two-way audio
  • It is easy to operate

These are the important reasons to down load the Wyze Cam App For PC.                                                                    

How to watch the wyze camera on your personal computer?

There are different ways to watch the Wyze Cam App For PC you can use the emulator to run the wyze camera on your personal computer and the second way is you can use the RTSP protocol. The below figure will shows the first option with the emulator and wyze camera application. The idea to use the software in your personal computer that will emulates the mobile environment and allows you to run the application. You can also use the bluestacks which are used by the gamers to run the application on your PC.

The second option you can use the VLC software which can receives the video from the directly from the camera by using the RTSP protocol which is very popular in IP cameras. The below picture will explain the process. You can see the intermediate device in the centre as shown in the above figure. The device name is chromecast which is used to stream the video to your personal computer or laptop using this standard protocol.

What are the tips to mount the Wyze Cam App For PC for outdoor?

The tips to mount the wyze camera for outdoor are given by,

  • You should be install a camera cover for weatherproofing to avoid the repairs and robust of the devices
  • It should have a hole in the back which is used accommodate the USB daisy chain.
  • The wall mount of your house should have weep holes for the drainage purposes.
  • Install double-sided screws on the wall mount for more stability of the camera.

Final thought: You can secure your home with the help of wyze camera are mounted in your house. In this article you will clear idea about the Wyze Cam App For PC features, installation process, streaming process and benefits. Stay safe and secure with the help of wyze surveillance camera!!  

Public Review

Review By - Eric
Overall easy menu to navigate through. Update – 01/13/2021 As of now, it controls my thermostat, camera, and scale. I will soon be getting my Wyze vacuum. It’s pretty slick to have all smart home devices within one app. Knock on wood, I haven’t experienced any issues with any of the environments.

Review By - Michael Amend
2 years ago ( give or take a few months) Camera app was fair dropped feed here and there and cam panning was delayed making it almost impossible to follow anything due to syncronzing issues between camera and panning controller. Awesome GREAT job on update This cam and the new updates to the app are perfect!!! Quality is crisp clear and zoom feature works flawlessly ! Please don’t start charging a fee , you have made it possible for us working class to feel safe and secure! Thank you 💖 it!

Download Free Wyze Cam App For PC [2021 Updated]

The Wyze Cam App For PC application is one of the homes for all your wyze devices. Watch Camera View From Anywhere [100% Working]

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